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Empirical Bounds on Data Caching in High-Performance Real-Time Systems

[tr99-4]Thomas Lundqvist and Per Stenström: "Empirical Bounds on Data Caching in High-Performance Real-Time Systems," Technical Report No. 99-4.


In this paper we study to what extent hard real-time programs can exploit the performance potential of data caches. Data structures that are accessed by memory instructions whose addresses are input data independent, can be safely cached. Based on a set of non-trivial programs from the SPEC95 benchmark suite, we find that more than 84% of the data accesses are predictable. With static analysis methods, it appears that a high predictable hit rate can be obtained which can result in tighter estimations of the worst-case execution time.

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This paper can also be found in the proceedings of SNART 97 - a Swedish conference on real-time systems, August 1997.