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Thomas Lundqvist - Curriculum Vitae

Verktumsgatan 6, SE-421 36 Västra Frölunda, Sweden. Phone: 070-725 0935, 031-734 0510, tlundqvist@acm.org
Full name: John Thomas Lundqvist
Title: Ph.D.
Gender: Male
Language skills: Swedish (native), English (fluent)


I have a wide interest in the area of computer science and engineering and look for challenges in both research and education as well as product and system development.

Educational background

1987 Graduated as engineer (gymnasieingenjör) from the electrical and telecommunication programme.
1987 Added half a year of studies in medical engineering.
1995 Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg.
2002 Ph.D. in Computer Architecture, Department of Computer Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg.

Other experience

1988 Worked at Energiverken i Göteborg (the Gothenburg energy company) as an engineer and programmer.
1989 Military service,. I was a team leader in a signal group.
1994 Worked part-time for Unipower AB, in Alingsås, developing a data presentation tool (MS Windows, MFC, C++)
2002-2003 Involved in the construction and development of Underlag, a company providing electronic surveys and evaluations.
2003 Deputy associate professor, Computer Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology (part-time).
2003-2004 Part-time lecturer, University of Trollhättan/Uddevalla.
2003-2005 Part-time lecturer, IT University of Göteborg.
2005-2007 Assistant professor (Associate Senior Lecturer), Software Engineering and Management, IT University of Göteborg. Manager for a master program. Teaching software engineering and architecture.
2008-2009 Researcher and lecturer, Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology. Research project together with RUAG Aerospace Sweden (Saab Space). Teaching in computer architecture courses.
2009 Worked as researcher and developer at Time Critical Networks AB, a small start-up supported by Chalmers Innovation (Lindholmen).
2010- Currently employed as senior lecturer (lektor) at the Departement of Economics and IT, Computer engineering section, University west, Trollhättan.


My area of research while pursuing my Ph.D. was timing analysis methods for high-performance real-time systems. In my Ph.D. thesis, I presented a new method for estimating the worst-case execution time (WCET) of programs running on pipelined microprocessors with cache memories. Professor Per Stenström acted as my supervisor.

To prove my methods, I developed a prototype WCET estimation tool. This tool, as well as the estimation method, was based on an existing PowerPC simulator written in C. I first ported the simulator to C++ to be able to redefine the basic arithmetic operations and then added a program-path exploration algorithm on top.

Even though the development tasks were non-trivial, the real challenges in my research were of a more theoretical nature. In the field of WCET estimation, one need to prove that the estimated execution times are really upper bounds on the actual execution time. To do this, suitable proven abstraction models for hardware mechanisms need to be constructed. In my research, I presented new models for handling processor cache memories and pipelined execution. I also proved that many previously presented models fail due to modern processor's instruction scheduling (scheduling anomalies).

Recently, in a joint project between Chalmers and RUAG Aerospace Sweden (2008), I continued to explore a measurement-based approach to WCET estimation. We looked specifically at the LEON2 microprocessor, a SPARC-based processor targeted for space-borne applications.

Theses publications

Journal publications

Conference publications

Pedagogical experience

During my 5 years of Ph.D. studies, I taught 20 % of my time (1 year in total). Each course typically lasted for one quarter of a year and was annually recurring.
1996-1997 Fundamentals of Digital Systems and Computer Engineering. I was a teaching assistant. Students worked in small groups with a focused subject each week.
1996-1997 Computer Science and Engineering in Context. Teaching assistant/group tutor. Project based learning in groups.
1998-2002 Computer System Engineering. Teaching assistant. In the last years, I was partly responsible for the administration of the course. Also, I was partly responsible for designing and creating the special assignments included in the course.

After my Ph.D degree, I continued teaching:
2003 Parallel Computer Architectures. I was in charge of this course for one semester. This course consisted mainly of a series of lectures summarizing the subject area, but also two laborations.
2005-2006 Master program in Software Engineering and Management. I was the program manager of this international master program and I was also responsible for and taught in many of the courses.
2006-2007 Software Architecture, Software Engineering, and Embedded Systems These were all courses I was managing and teaching.
2008-2009 Parallel Computer Organization and Design, Computer Architecture, and Operating Systems. I was the main lecturer in the parallel course and the computer architecture course and did half the lecturing in the operating systems course.

Pedagogical education

1997 Pedagogy for tutors (handledarpedagogik), 2 weeks. A course focused on learning in groups. Led by Shirley Booth (Chalmers) and Marita Christmansson. An excellent course joining both theory and practice as a tutor.


Given my PhD and teaching background, I have good communication skills both written and orally. I also have management experience from being responsible for an educational program.

Concerning the more technical skills and experiences I have ample experience of using several programming languages, frameworks, and tools. I have experience in using C/C++, Ruby, Python, Java, and UML. I also have extensive experience with many open-source tools and components like: Unix/Linux, GNU compiler tools, Eclipse, Apache, and Mysql.

Other accomplishments

2004 - Won a find-the-bug contest - I won an iPod in a contest by bookpool.com who wanted to promote the book Find the bug by Microsoft guy Adam Barr. Adam wrote:

"...This came down to who was more precise in his or her answers. In the end Thomas Lundqvist emerged as a clear winner, with George Dean a close second. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again to all of you who entered, as well as to the staff at Bookpool for hosting the contest..."