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Swedish dvorak keyboard layout: sv_dvorak

sv_dvorak is a (non-standard) Swedish dvorak keyboard layout designed by Thomas Lundqvist.

Keyboard layout
Keyboard layout
of sv_dvorak.

I began using the dvorak keyboard layout in 1997. I have not experienced any increase in typing speed (can you beat this?) and I still make typing mistakes (although different ones). However, when writing english text, dvorak feels more comfortable than QWERTY.

There is an ANSI version of dvorak which I didn't like. Another version (I call it the american one) has the brackets placed in a better place. Good, when writing a lot of programs. However, for me, this is not enough. I must be able to write english text, C programs, but also swedish text (containing åäöÅÄÖ). I tried different versions of dvorak (invented by myself) and finally ended up with a swedish dvorak that felt comfortable.

If you are looking for a swedish dvorak layout, I would recommend using my layout if you like american-style shifted characters and brackets. Otherwise, go for Gunnar Parment's layout. He has kept the Swedish placement of shifted characters and brackets.

Other swedish dvorak initiatives

Some other swedish dvorak mappings:

There is also a Norwegian dvorak.

At wikipedia:


  • The company O'key electronics once sold a keyboard from TypeMatrix that supported dvorak (with åäö) without relying on any special keyboard driver.

Join mailing list

In 2002 I started a mailing list for swedish dvorak discussions. The list is hosted by Yahoo Groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/swedishdvorak/.

Also: Magnus Engström once had a discussion forum at forum.aoeu.info but it seems to be gone...

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