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sv_dvorak - keyboard mappings and drivers

Keyboard driver files for sv_dvorak.

On this page you can find keyboard driver files for different operating systems and environments. Please contribute with layout files that you find are missing.

Linux (RH 5.1 - 6.2, Debian) console driver:
My console keyboard driver file: dvorak-se.map for use with the loadkeys-command (e.g., "loadkeys /usr/lib/kbd/keytables/dvorak-se.map").
Linux Xorg driver (setxkbmap):
This definition file works with the X keyboard extension (setxkbmap): se_sv_dvorak.xorg (tested on Xorg 7.0.0 and 7.1.1, xorg-server 1.1, 2006). For newer Xorg (xorg-server >= 1.4 it seems) try: se_sv_dvorak_new.xorg.

Probably (in Debian at least) drop this file as /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/se_sv_dvorak. Then use it with `setxkbmap se_sv_dvorak`

Linux XFree86 driver (setxkbmap):
This definition file works with the X keyboard extension (setxkbmap): se_sv_dvorak.xfree86. Probably (in Debian at least) drop this file as /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/pc/se_sv_dvorak. Then use it with `setxkbmap se_sv_dvorak`
Linux (RH 5.1 - 6.2, Debian) XFree86 xmodmap (old) driver:
XFree86 seems to inherit the console driver keyboard layout, but the keys get somewhat mixed up (backspace becomes delete when running Netscape). Good solution is to use xmodmap to change the mappings. My original xmodmap-file: xmodmap-linux.txt works fine for XFree86 4.1 (my current X). For newer versions (4.3), try this file: xmodmap-linux-xfree-new.txt made by Anders Höckersten, chucky@dtek.chalmers.se. He has added some stuff to make special keys work (terminate server, change resolution, change virtual terminal).
Windows 7
New (2012-09-08): Rasmus Einarsson initiated a layout update and updated drivers created using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4 (MSKLC). Together, we have slihtly updated the windows layout according to these pictures:

Download new driver: svdvrk5-windows.zip or from the website of Rasmus himself.

According to Microsoft the drivers might work with earlier or other versions of windows as well.

Windows Vista (64 bit as well):
Rickard Gustafsson has contributed with drivers for Windows Vista on different platforms: amd64, ia64, wow64, i386. Untested by me but looks really nice. Download: svdvorak_64.7z (7-zip format, small) or svdvorak_64.zip (normal zip, bigger).
Windows 2000/XP, administrator access:
Anders Höckersten, chucky@dtek.chalmers.se has done a keyboard driver for use with the Windows 2000/XP operating systems. Download: sv-dvorak_win2000XP.zip. The dll-file should be placed in \windows\system32. The reg-file should be executed to make the layout visible in the control panel.
Windows XP, alternative, non-admin install
If you cannot install the driver above as administrator you can try this method. It uses a very good macro and key remapping program: AutoHotkey. Install the AutoHotkey program and use it with the following autohotkey script: sv_dvorak.ahk.
Windows 95/98:
I use a modified keyboard driver: kbdsw_dv95.zip (610 bytes unpacked) or kbdsw_dv98.zip (614 bytes unpacked). I took the old kbdsw.kbd and used a binary file editor to shuffle around all the letters. To make it easy to use, I have installed the american dvorak driver as an additional language and replaced the kbddv.kbd with kbdsw_dv.kbd. In this way, I can use Ctrl+Shift to swap between normal swedish layout and swedish dvorak layout. The keyboard layout defined by this driver will differ slightly from my normal one. Keyboard layout of my windows driver.

Before I started using the modified keyboard driver, I used the american dvorak keyboard driver (included in windows). To manage the extra remapping in order to get 'åäö' I used the free keyboard remapping program Keys 2.1 (a very nice program) by Péter Szászvári and the following mapping file (import it in Keys). The dead keys (acute, grave, diaeresis) will not work however.

I rarely use DOS nowadays and I have not found any good remapping programs. Therefore, I only use microsofts standard (american) dvorak driver.

2010-12-23, new version from Adam Lindberg who had problems with earlier version. Try this one or the one below: svdvorak_osx.keylayout (save link, clicking might give you an xml-error in your browser).

Updated OS X version by Andreas Kröhnke, 2010-01-25, to make Caps Lock work properly: svdvorak_mac6.keylayout.

Old versions: Victor Andrée sent me an OS X driver that fixes some problems with Magnus Hallin's version. svdvorak_mac6.keylayout.old. Magnus Hallin's original version OS X: sv_dvorak_mac.keylayout.

To install, put the layout file in:

  • ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/ to make it available for an individual user, or
  • /Library/Keyboard Layouts/ to make it available for all users

(Library heter Bibliotek i svenska versionen).

Unix other
Sun Solaris/CDE:
My xmodmap-files for the solaris/CDE system: for the new Sun Blade or the old Sun Ultra.
Gnarg Fu has done a keyboard driver for use with the QNX and the OpenBSD operating systems (2001-11-12): sd_openbsd.sh.gz.
FreeBSD syscons
Henrik Tunedal (tunedal at d.kth.se) has done a keyboard driver for the console, syscons, in FreeBSD. Download: swedish.dvorak.freebsd.swapped.kbd.
Windows X-servers
Starnet X-Win32 5.4
Adam Bergkvist has contributed this driver for the X-Win32: sv_dvorak.xkb.
Gnarg Fu has done a keyboard driver for use with the QNX operating systems (2001-11-12): qnx_swedish_dvorak.tar.gz.